Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Haul!

Sorry I'm so lazy everybody, so here's a bunch of goodies I got + bought over the weekend! First off is 6 packs of super cute san-x stickers with I won from a lovely blogger called islegrl! I'm an avid Japanese sticker collector, so I was so happy to get these!

On Saturday, as I went to Morning Glory, I bought a bunch of random stationary stuff.

I bought:

An eraser in the shape of a sakuramochi (yummy!) $0.99
2 packs of mini origami paper $1.98
Pack of glow in the dark star paper #1.99
Green Heart Pencil $1
Cute 2 way pen $1
2 packs of lead. $1.20

Hehe, I'm so cheap! xD


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