Sunday, July 11, 2010

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box Review w/ Swatches

Hey, it's been a while since I posted!
I promised you something makeup related, so here it is!

This is my first time doing a review, so sorry if I'm not up to par.
I hope you will also respect my opinions on this piece. :)

Packaging: This is probably the prettiest box I've ever seen, the design is beautiful and also eco friendly! The outside is made of wood and inside is made of purple paper. The only thing I don't like is that you have to slide the cover to open it up. I like how they made it different from the others, but I just think it's very inconvenient this way and a pain to hold up.

I give it an: A/A-

Brush: I've heard others saying this is a terrible brush, but I actually love it! It has a very sturdy slim design, which makes it really easy for me to apply eyeshadow without worrying it looking messy. Perfect!

I give it an: A+

Design: Urban Decay is a genius. They paired up matching eyeshadows (top and bottom) which look great together and save you the hassles! It's perfect and painless, since I'm very indecisive. :)
I hate the mirror though, it's basically useless unless you can actually turn your head sideways and look into a tiny mirror. Overall though, the design is nice and simple. Nothing too over the top, so I like it.

I give it an: A-

(swatches in order of reviews)

Colors (overall): I love these colors, they're all very nicely pigmented and makes my eyes stand out. I happen to love glittery eyeshadow and pop out colors, so this palette is perfect for me! Although I'm not a fan of brown eyeshadow and there are four of them, I really like how they look on my eyes!

I give it an: A+

YDK: It's a very pretty, shimmery, almost milky brown. Perfect for the summer, but not much wow factor. A-
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: Gotta give some points to the name, it's so cool! I super glittery eyeshadow that's somewhere between light brown and gold. A
Flipside: One of my favorites. The palette looks like a very toned down sea green, but is actually a very shimmery light blue green color. A+
Flash: Probably the eyeshadow with the least shimmer/glitter, it's still very pretty and stands out a lot. A
Grifter: A pretty mix between baby and rosy pink. I can't say anything bad about pink, it's one of my favorite colors! Very glittery. A/A+
Oil Slick: Again, points to the awesome name. This is no ordinary black. On the palette, it looks like like the milky way, and on your eyes, it's a very dark black with tiny hints of glitter. Amazing. A+
Uzi: Probably the eyeshadow with the most glitter + shimmer, it practically looks like plain ol' glitter! Nothing else to say but perfection. A+
Kiddie Pool: More points to the cute name! This color is very close to flipside on your eyes, but will a more sky blue approach. Very cute color. A/A+
Twice Baked: A very chocolaty brown with some hints of shimmer. I'm not a fan of brown, but others might love this. A-
Half Baked: Very cute color, it's a very glittery brown which looks closest to gold. A

Overall, this is an amazing piece. I think it's perfect for anybody into makeup, even beginners or professionals!

Thanks for reading!

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