Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm an Artist! - Sketches and Watercolors~

Hey there, it's been a while since I've blogged (I've been so busy lately, I sleep 5-6 hrs a night. D':), so I thought I might post something a little different today. :)

I've been blogging for quite a while already, but I feel that my readers still don't really know much about me. Other than makeup, beauty, and fashion, I also love drawing! Although I'm not very creative and I still have a long way to go, I feel confident of showing you my best works.

It'd be great if I got some critiques or comments, I really want to improve!

...and voila!

One of my favorite works, I love how there are so many different colors, yet it looks amazing with all the neat layering! I love the bold and interesting fabric and also the fruits! Veggies are so fun to draw,

The next two are also some of my faves, although I usually get tired of drawing so many fruits, I feel so happy when I see the end result. Fruits and veggies are a lot cooler than you think! :)

Also one of my faves. I want a bag just like that!

Thanks for reading/looking at my works!
I really wanted my readers to get to know me more, so I hope you enjoyed this post!
Now I gotta go back to my homework, hopefully I won't have to stay up till two! =O


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lots of Cute Giveaways!

50 Followers Giveaway @ Makeup Nonsense!

Congrats to Make Up Nonsense for reaching 50 followers! ^_^

As my thank you she is giving away a...
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October 10th

200 Followers Giveaway @ winniewingyi!

Wow, winniewingyi reached 200 amazing followers!!! Woohoo!

In reciprocating the love, this giveaway is going to have 4 winners.
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Pearly N Kelly's First Giveaway!

We will be giving away packages!

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we will be giving two consolation package to 2 lucky readers! ^^
the package is smaller but it includes :

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Giveaway @ Candy Coated Tips!

Candy Coated Tips is having an awesome giveaway, be sure to enter it!

The full China Glaze Halloween 2010 "Awakening Set" with the Fast Forward Top Coat
To add on top, China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, China Glaze Matte Magic and Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure"

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Giveaway @ For your Nails Only!

"Color Club and I will be giving one lucky winner CC's most recent mini collection- Bewitching. I did a press release post on it a while back, but in case you don't remember, you can see it here. The set is made up of four polishes and has a supplement of decals and nail jewels used for making creepy (and cool) nail art. I'll also be posting swatches and reviews as soon as possible so you can see some of the neat things you can do with it. Its a perfect fit for the time of year and for the type of blog I run, so read on for how to enter!!"

Awesome giveaway, perfect for the upcoming Halloween! :D
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Nutty about Nails' 100+ Follower Giveaway!

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Double Trouble Giveaway @ Makeup My Mind!

Laura's cleaning up her makeup stash with a giveaway, that's a win-win situation for everybody! :D

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Kawaii Giveaway @ Hawaii Kawaii!

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Ends September 27th

Topshop Giveaway @ Pink Dolly!

What a sweet little giveaway by the lovely Pink Dolly!

A cute plain white vest top UK8/ from TOPSHOP- Brand new with tag.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hawaii Trip Day 3 *Picture Heavy*

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, I've been so busy during my first week of high school (so exciting) that I didn't even have time for my blog! Since I thought I should really finish up with my Hawaii photos, here's day 3 for you! :)

Since I'm still pretty loaded with hw, I'll just quickly go through my whole day.

Polynesian Cultural Center:

Some picture from the bus...

Did you know that Jurassic Park was filmed here? Cool, huh?

Pretty ocean pictures:

Yay, we're finally there!

I quickly snapped a gorgeous waterfall view while on one of the canoe rides.

I forgot what this was called, a canoe pageant? Anyways, all the cities who represented Polynesia each had a special performance on their boats.

Too bad I forgot the order of the countries for these dances! ;P

After an exhausting 5+ hours of walking around each "island" and seeing all the fun shows, activities, etc. we had a buffet with lots of traditional Hawaiian foods. Let's see...there was baked taro, chicken, taro bread, potatoes, taro salad, cold spinach salad, more taro, and the most amazing coconut pudding squares ever!

And finally, the last performance of the day, Ha: The Breath of Life

Enjoy! :D

That's all I have for today!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Super Tiny Makeup Swap

Just a super quick and tiny post about another recent swap I had. Not too exciting, but worth a mention, since I got my first Hard Candy Eyeshadow! The packaging is totally gorgeous and the formula is pretty good for such a cheap price!

From Left to Right:
Hard Candy Eyeshadow in Rock n Roll
(the rest are just awesome freebies I got)
2 Packs of Diet Snapple Singles
Mandy's Butterscotch flavored Hard Candy (yum!)
Biore Skin Boosting Night Serum
sassy mark. perfume sample

And here's a close up of this beauty:

Also 2 things I have to say to you (skip 1 if you don't care about my mini rant)

1. So I was checking out the blogs I followed, and I realized that one blogger (won't mention name) disqualified me in her giveaway for leaving an invalid link. WTF? I double checked afterwards and it worked perfectly fine! Sigh. I know it's just a giveaway, but I feel really hurt for being falsely accused! Has this ever happened to you before?

2. I just started school on Monday and now that I'm officially in high school, I will be even busier than ever. That means I won't be able to blog as much as before. :(

That's it for today!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spending Fashion's Night Out in NYC

It's been a while since I posted a picture of my OOTDs so here's another one for you fashionistas! (plus, I thought you might want a break from the vacation posts) No worries though, there are more of those coming up!

The outfit I wore:

Gorgeous right? I'm going towards a more punk style, but evening it out with a touch out cuteness. Totally my style! x3
Another crappy photo :C

Close up of my makeup:

And my favorite closeup of the bunch:

Yay for the great quality! xD

Sex Pot Revenge Pink Frilled Mini Dress (LOVE it, so versatile!)
UNIQLO Zebra Leggings
Awesome Grey Coolwear Tank
Amrita Singh Necklace (highlight of the outfit, I can't believe I won this $100 baby!)
Random Black Ribbon
Handmade Black Flower Headband
Harajuku Lovers Sandals (BEST sandals EVAR)

MAC Gold Mode Eyeshadow (WOOT my first MAC!)
Stila Smudge Pot in Starry Night
Smashbox Imperial Eye Pencil
BareMninerals Flawless Definition Mascara
Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink Blush

Now for some pics from Fashion's Night Out:

Real Life Ken Dolls!

Love the Asian Ken at the right!

I forgot what store this was. Calvin Klein?

Real Life Mannequins! I saw these at Betsey Johnson and somewhere else too!

Some designer in the store was refashioning a tshirt for a shopper. Free with any $75 purshace!

Outside, there was also a Marc Jacobs Trunk selling jewelry for under $50. I sort of regret not buying, but oh well!

I also checked out Zara, Bloomindales (bought the FNO Tshirt!), Forever 21 (bought a cute tank and knee socks), Steve Madden, MANGO, and Macys (bought a gorgeous Steve Madden Dress for $13!!!).

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to check out a lot of my planned destinations, but it was still really fun for me! Despite getting completely lost in Soho amidst the crowds of people(we had to ask a least 3 people for directions!), it was fun for the first time! (you know, like culture shock?)

Something I'll keep in mind next time: Don't plan on going to too many shops!

I'm serious about this. I was really psyched about getting to meet lots of famous people (Christian Siriano at Payless, Tim Gunn at Kate Spade, etc), but the lines were so crowded, that I'd probably have to waste the whole night in one store! Sigh, I wish FNO lasted longer than just 5 measly hours...

Highlight of the day: Had the BEST Pistatio Ice Cream EVER!!! Tiny cup for $4, but totally worth it! I wish I remembered the name of that tiny truck!

Thanks for reading, love you all!