Monday, July 5, 2010

Spending 4th of July on the Beach!

What better than to spend an insanely hot 4th of July on a beach? I went with my parents, my uncle, auntie, and their super cute baby, Sophia!

Now the pictures...

Isn't the beach pretty? I haven't to one for over a year!
We left at around three, but I was really hoping to stay later so that we could see the pretty sunset (I've been watching too many romantic dramas! xD)

A picture with me and my uncle's baby

Aww, isn't she so cute?

Later, I also went to Mitsuwa Marketplace to eat lunch/dinner (lol, linner or dunch?) and also bought a few things. I show some pics in the next post. ;)

Thanks for reading, I wish I could've seen the fireworks!
What did everybody else do on independence day?


  1. Hi Grace, that sounds like fun!
    Just wanted to ask if you recieved an email from me regarding giveaway?
    I sent it on the 4th, take your time, pick a plate and email me at
    I will have it out to you rite away!
    have a good day!