Friday, July 30, 2010

HUGE Accessory Haul!

Woohoo! My grandparents came back from China last week and brought back a ton of cheap stuff! The picture doesn't actually show all the stuff I got, I actually have about 3-4 of those candy hair ties, Hello Kitty clips, and bear clips. xD

A bunch of cool watches that will probably last me over a year!
I love the sneaker one!

Some more random hair accesssories...
LOL, what are those weird puffy things??

A cute umbrella!
The print is really nice, but I can't stand these types of umbrellas. I can never get it to close and fold perfectly without having to waste 10 minutes of my life! D:<

Overall, I'm so happy I got these! A lot of them are really bad quality and a bit embarrassing to wear, but really cute. A few of the items are really beautiful!


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