Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

I love taking pretty pictures in the snow, but WOW! That must've been the biggest snow storm I have ever encountered! My family and I were driving back from a party and we got stuck in the middle of the road! (Thank goodness no one dared to drive in this weather)

We just had to walk one more block back to the house, but that was the hardest block I have ever had to walk in my life! The snow was about 2 feet high, plus the crazy wind, plus the freezing weather, and I think you get the picture. ;)

Don't you ever get that rush of adrenaline whenever you feel like you're about to die?

Oh, and I know I'm too late for this but...

Merry (belated) Christmas!!!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jewels in the Sea - NOTD

Since it's nearing Christmas time, I thought I'd show you another NOTD! I've been experimenting with Konad lately, and I'm pretty satisfied with my results. :)

For the NOTD, I used 2 new polishes I got: the Sephora OPI Mermaid to Order (I fell in love when I saw in stores!) and Zoya Jo from a swap.

After using the Konad stamps, I just finished it off with a little nail sticker and revlon top coat.

Here's a close up:

Please share me your thoughts!


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Monday, December 13, 2010

~*~*~ My New Years Giveaway! ~*~*~ CLOSED!

Today, I'm having my first giveaway to celebrate the upcoming new year!
Thank you so much to all my readers who continue to support me, this blog couldn't have existed without you guys!

My New Years Resolution: I would like to work harder in school and make and effort to blog more. :)

Now back to the juicy part...

What you can win:

~Nicola Magazine May 2009 Issue

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Please be honest with your entries so that this giveaway can be fun for all of us!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look What I Got!

Here's me with the two cd's (hehe, I'm in pj's!)
You might not know this, but I actually have a love for Visual Kei, which is a style of Japanese music. I love it so much that pretty much 95% of the songs in my mp3 are specifically visual kei. I don't know what it is, but the music, fashion style, and just the connection between the audience and the bands, everything about vkei just draws me in. Yep, I've got a ton of posters for various bands on my wall!

That's why when I won these two Alice Nine CD's from Kawaii Kawaii Sugoi Blog, I was happy beyond words. Although I don't really listen to that band much anymore(became mainstream), I still stay faithful to them because Alice Nine was the first that really got me hooked to Visual Kei. You could say that it changed my whole perspective on life.

That was just a little something I wanted to share to you guys, since I feel really lonely being the only one in my school interested in vkei. Just trying to spread the love. :)

Anyways, here's what else I got:

Got these in 3 Separate swaps:
-Kose Esprique Precious Liquid Eyecolor Stylish in BL900 (omg, gorgeous! I have to show you sometime!)
-NARS Orgasm Illuminator Sample (first NARS product!)

-benefit BADgal lash Mini Mascara
-Lancome Le Secret Sample Eye Powder (holy crap, best color EVER!!! Scroll down for swatch)

-MAC Pink Opal Sample
-MAC Quick Frost Sample
-MAC Pink Pigment Sample (IDK the name)
I love MAC, but I can never afford it! Luckily, pigment samples are a lot cheaper and you get to experiment with more colors. :)

Also, I stopped by Chinatown last week and discovered a tiny store that sold phone straps for insanely cheap. I got 4 for $5, what a steal! If you didn't know already, I have an obsession with kawaii phone straps and my collection is always expanding!

As promised, here's Lancome Le Secret (layered over stila smudge pot violet):

and what is looks like in light:

AMAZING RIGHT? It's sort of like a mermaid kind of color, you get what I mean?
Wow, I think I might even buy the full product in the future!

I haven't experimented this with other colors yet, but I'm looking forward to it. xD

Have a great weekend everybody! It's difficult to blog when I also have 3 tests next week, homework, and fencing practice 3 times a week, but I'm trying!