Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Belated Weekend Haul!

Sorry I haven't been very active lately, I just started helping out at my school's summer enrichment program, which lasts a whole school day. The kids are so cute though, my upcoming 3rd and 4th graders keep clinging on to me! x3
For some of my makeup loving followers, I promise you I'll post something good before the end of the week. :)

Now to my awesome haul...

Aren't these two pieces so pretty? I got them both on sale at MNG by Mango. The lacey top was $20 and the dark green skirt was $17. The top is so cute and carefully detailed. I love how they made the ruffles out of stretchy cotton, it looks more elegant and flowy! I'm in love with the design of the skirt, but I didn't really like the color of it at first. I almost always wear pink, yellow, purple, and light, pastel colors, so this was my first skirt with a bit of a trendy feel to it (I'm not sure how else to categorize it, lol)

Yay, I love cute mini notepads, usually the Japanese ones with super cute characters! I currently have a total of 8, even though I barely use them!

Ever since I found out that the really popular Japanese magazines gave out free goodies in each issue (I'm serious, some even had free LV and Coach stuff!!!), I was dying to get one myself! I got a free Alba Rosa bag from non-no magazine, isn't it so cute? I usually buy Harajuku fashion of visual kei magazines, but I just has to snag the free bag! xD

Thanks for reading!

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