Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hawaii Trip Day 2

On Thursday, we got up real early (6:30 AMish) to Pearl Harbor! 7 years ago, we didn't get to see the US Arizona Memorial (is that what it's called?) since we came too late (3 in the afternoon), so this time my mom decided to plan it extra EXTRA early. When we got our tickets, guess what time slot we got for the boat ride? Yep, 9:00. Oh well, the water looked pretty at that time of day! (if you don't believe me then look down at the pictures)

Oh, in case you're interested in visiting this monument, don't bring a lot or any bags. They charge $3 each. =0

Anyways, here are the pictures I took:

I told you so, pretty right?
I went a little berserk and took 3 more. xD

After a hot and sweaty wait, we finally got to board on the boat. YIPPEE!

It was a pretty short ride, but fun nonetheless.

Now what you're all been waiting for, the USS Arizona Memorial (again, please correct me if I'm wrong)

Apparently, the Memorial is actually part of the boat! (lol, I never knew)

Here's another fact: The oil from the boat still continues to leak after 50/60 something years (history fail right here). Cool, huh?

Heck, why not another picture of the water while we're at it? This one's my favorite right now. :)

These are the names of all the people who died on the boat. *moment of silence for all the men who sacrificed their lives please*
The lower left corner is dedicated to about 12 people who survived the Japanese surprise bombing and died with their names engraved here.

After that, we saw a 1/2 hour movie about the devastating incident of the surprise bombing. Since I never paid attention to war before, it was very shocking for me to realize how many brave lives were killed.

Let's raise our spirits more now, ne? :)

We toured around Chinatown afterwards and had some dim sum for lunch. I was actually shocked, since the Chinatown looked so old fashioned (you know, like tiny and dirty supermarkets, etc). Maybe I'm just too used to the fancy Flushing in New York, though.

Pretty boring, but a good experience.

After that I just went browsing around Waikiki with my mom. :D

Here's a fancy random waterfall in the Hyatt hotel (no, I'm not rich. I live in a cheap hotel. x3)

And another fancy hotel. The buffet here is $30+ a person! Looks really fancy though~

Last but not least, a cute little straw bag that I bought in Chinatown for 2 bucks. Score! I kept seeing all the trendy Japanese girls holding straw bags, and I wanted one too!

Hope you enjoyed it!
Stay tuned for day 3, it's exciting!


  1. Whoa! I've never heard of a place that makes you pay PER bag! Thanks for the tip.

    Also, that straw bag is adorable! I've been wanting one as well..

  2. I know, crazy right?
    But it is a huge monument, so I guess that's expected.