Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hawaii Trip Day 1 (more like 1/2?)

Woohoo, it's day one! Actually, it wasn't really that exciting on the first day. We arrived at Hawaii at about 4PM. Yea, 12 hour plane ride with NO free food or personal TVs. Seriously? If you're curious as to what I did in those hours of torture, I basically made a bunch of cranes (my goal to make 1000) and slept. Meh.

Anyways, here's are the pictures I took. Pretty boring, but I promise, there are better ones later on. :)

Pretty clouds! Hehe, I love the sky.

Yay, we arrived at Hawaii!

Another blurry picture:

After the plane ride, I had dinner with my mom and grandparents at a Chinese restaurant in my hotel. The food was good, but the dishes were so TINY!!! I guess it's normal for such a popular visitor's spot, but seriously, I expect more for $10+ a dish!

After that we went strolling around the streets. I was actually shocked, because 90% of the stores were BRAND NAMES (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL, etc) Isn't there anything cheap to buy in Hawaii? Well, I did come across this really cool Japanese Cosmetics place and bought a few random stuff (a pack of funny gum, ice cream towelettes, eye pencil sharpener). Best part of the day? I got to eat some Japanese shaved ice topped with fresh mango.

Maybe Hawaii isn't so bad after all. (not that it ever was bad)


  1. WOW! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. It's definately on my top 10 places I most want to visit.

    I'm trying to make 1000 cranes too! Out of curiosity, how many do you think you made in those 12 hours on the plane?

    Also, sorry for the lack of comments. I've been internet-less for a good while...

  2. Hawaii is definitely a great place to visit, there are so many amazing Japanese stores and restaurants, plus the beautiful beach!

    I made about 90 of them. Pretty crazy, since I had to sleep a few hours too. xD

  3. Wow! That's soooo cool! Can't wait to see the more photos! :D

  4. Jealous! Wish I was in Hawaii...I went there for my honeymoon last summer, to Kauai. Where in Hawaii are you?

  5. Well, I'm just recapping from Hawaii last week, so I'm not physically in Hawaii right now.

    I stayed in the Waikiki area, but I also visited some other places in Polynesia (you'll find out in my next posts. ;D)