Monday, August 16, 2010

A Cheap Lolita - Bodyline Haul!

Although I love lolita, I don't have the nerve to spend $200+ for a brand lolita dress. Yes, this also includes makeup (I can never buy NYX nail polish at regular price!) >.< Thankfully though, Bodyline exists. If anybody's interested in trying out lolita without breaking their bank, I would suggest trying out Bodyline, Anna House Fashion (a bit pricier), Select TaoBao stores (lots of amazing replicas! I wanted to buy from there, but my mom is skeptical...sigh), or anywhere else if you can pull it off!

Here's what I bought:

WOW. This is the most amazing thing I own up to date! The strawbery print is adorable and the details are amazing! This is such good quality, considering it was only $37 and made in China! Seriously though, it looks like brand quality!

Here's the bow that came with it. Although it's supposed to be attached to the middle of my JSK (the dress above), I think I'll use it as a headbow. :)

Yay, I finally have a pair of white lolita shoes! After months and months of searching for a pair in my hometown New York City (can't believe they only sell crappy kids dress sandals which are so boring!), I finally own a pair which I can proudly wear! Great deal for only $31!

I also bought some insanely cheap hair accessories for only $1!

This is such a cute headband! Although the quality isn't the best, it's really worth it!

and the really pretty lace crown. This is amazing! Sometimes I get a bit paranoid while wearing huge headbows on the streets, so it's feel really refreshing when I can rock out my lolita outfit without being too much!

What store (could be anything) do you love shopping at to find the best best deals at lowest prices? Share your secrets with me! x3


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  1. Nice choice! That dress is so cute ^_^
    I'm glad you love your shoes, I'm still using white mary janes from payless XD

    I just love shopping at F21. It has wonderfully low prices although the quality is lacking...