Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

I love taking pretty pictures in the snow, but WOW! That must've been the biggest snow storm I have ever encountered! My family and I were driving back from a party and we got stuck in the middle of the road! (Thank goodness no one dared to drive in this weather)

We just had to walk one more block back to the house, but that was the hardest block I have ever had to walk in my life! The snow was about 2 feet high, plus the crazy wind, plus the freezing weather, and I think you get the picture. ;)

Don't you ever get that rush of adrenaline whenever you feel like you're about to die?

Oh, and I know I'm too late for this but...

Merry (belated) Christmas!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas!! :D And happy new year! ^^
    And have to say, that picture is so pretty <3

  2. Thanks!
    I love taking pictures in the snow. :)