Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few sewing projects I've been up to

Isn't this so pretty? The base is actually real fur, which came from my great grandmother's fur coat.

All I did was stitch a long line of fur, attach some elastic, and glued on a flower from one of my shirts.

If you're interested in making it, you can ask me to explain more in depth. :)

(excuse my blah hair ;_;)

I've always wanted one of those cute Japanese bath headbands, so I decided to make one my self!

It was really easy, since I found the base somewhere in my house (originally an ear warmer). All I did to make the bow was sew a rectangle and wrap it around the base.

Both projects were actually reconstructed, since they all came from old clothes.
I find it amazing how ugly, unwanted clothes can turn into beautiful new things!
(hehe, I think that's why I'm hoarding too many of me and my mom's unwanted clothes)

I really need to preach this more, but sewing is not only for old people!


  1. wow! You're really talented! It looks really cute!
    Especially the bath head band! SO cute!

  2. I'm happy to hear that the fur was reused, it looks beautiful and I'm sure it's really soft. :D

  3. thanks, I love the fur too!
    Thanks for following! :)