Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Drama Craze + NOTD


I've never been a huge fan of korean dramas, but this particular one has gotten me obsessed! The story, actors, scenery, music, etc. is AMAZING!!! I probably just love it since I haven't seen a decent drama for nearly a year (I watched it right after school ended), but nevertheless, I highly recommend this to everybody! Even if this is the first Korean or even Asian drama, you will instantly be hooked!

Here's a quick synopsis from dramawiki:

Set during the Joseon Dynasty, Yong acted as a hooligan in the marketplace by day but at night he was a thief who robbed corrupted government officials to give to the poor. After each robbery he left behind a painting depicting a plum tree branch to make his mark and was thus named Iljimae. His main purpose was not so much to rob but to search for the owner of a specially designed sword which he saw as a child was used to kill his father, a loyal subject of the emperor. Eun Chae is a government official's daughter who despite her upbringing has a lot of empathy towards the poor. She met Iljimae by chance and couldn't help admiring him for what he stood for even though she had never seen his face.

Amazing, right? *fangirl scream*

Now on to the NOTD...

This is by far my FAVORITE.POLISH.EVER. A while ago, I received this sally hansen hidden treasure polish from a fellow blogger and I can assure you, it is AMAZING!!! With 2 coats of sheer pink sh polish and 2 coats of hidden treasure, it looks like a wild pastel party on my nails! It even sparkles in the sun! And the best thing is, it didn't chip off a single bit for nearly a week!

whew, that was a long post!

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