Friday, June 25, 2010

Claire's Dream Catcher NOTD

Welcome to my new blog! (other blog here)

Here's a quick intro:

I'm a Japan obsessed 14yr old who loves fashion (lolita, punk, visual kei, street, gyaru, and more), music (hehe, my ipod has 100% Japanese songs), makeup (newest love!), and sewing (diy & crafts). I'm also a huge otaku, as in I like to spend my days watching animes and dramas. I still don't understand how I have perfect vision. xD

on to the NOTD...

I used only 1 coat at that time, but I added another coat later, which made it so much better. Funny thing is, I had no idea with was a popular chanel dupe when I bought it. What a great deal for only $1! :D

1 comment:

  1. wlecome to blogging! XD claire's nail polish does look like a dupe for chanel, but chanel's is a tad more minty looking ^__^