Sunday, February 27, 2011

Addicted to Kawaii Pt 2

I have a serious addiction to cell phone straps. Even though I barely even use my cell phone, I can't stop buying them!

I didn't even have any room to put all of it, so I came up with a cool idea: display it on a hanger!

hehe, don't mind the vkei poster. :)

Some close ups:

I also put my favorite straps on my cell phone:

As of now, I have a total of 49 straps.
My favorite is the LV bag and fruit parfait on my cell phone!

The problem is that Japanese cell phone straps are really expensive (the cheapest ones are $3-5), but the quality of most of them are really good.
If an of you are interested, you should really check out Strapya. It's my favorite place to shop at!


  1. It looks so cute!! *w*
    Awesome idea!
    I like <3

  2. Thanks, I'm just worried that there won't be any more room. xP