Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to the Earth Swatches *Pic Spam*

The one thing I love most is being able to look pretty without wasting hundreds of dollars on mediocre products.

Besides drugstore products, another good option would be to try out handmade makeup from Etsy. Not only are the products safer, but they're also a lot cheaper!

So long story short, I did a MUA swap with the owner of an Etsy shop called Back to the Earth (linked for those interested) All of their makeup is vegan, natural and organic.

I got the 5pc deal, where it only costs $12 for 5 eyeshadows of your choice (I got them free though, since it was a swap) and I have to say, I was really impressed with the pigmentation!

Here's what I got:

This is probably my favorite of the bunch. It's a bit hard to tell, but this is a sort of cream colored shadow in disguise. When you shine it in the light, it turns into a really amazing sheer gold.

Diamonds and Shamrocks
This was a bit darker than I expected (I was hoping for something like pastel green),
but still a really pretty shade nevertheless. Honestly, I can never say anything bad about glittery eyeshadow, they're just so pretty!

Northern Lights
Another one of my favorites, this is a really beautiful and intense shade of purple. The sparkles are really amazing, it really does look like the stars!

Starry Night
I was really disappointed that it was more black than purple, but if you forget about that, the black in itself is really amazing! When applied wet, it's a really intense purple/black with hints of purple glitter. Have you ever seen the ocean get all sparkly when it hits the sun? Sort of like that.

Water Elemental
Although it's a really intense color, this is probably my least favorite out of the five. I just didn't see the wow factor from it. It's just my POV though...

Anyways, here are the swatches I promised you:

Overall, I give this shop an A+ :)

Question: What's your favorite etsy makeup shop? If you've never bought from one, are you planning on doing so?

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