Friday, October 22, 2010

My New Favorite Polish + a twist!

Take a look at this beauty, China Glaze Cherish!
It's my first polish from this popular brand and I'm so glad I got this!

My motto in life is to always be myself (whether it be fashion, philosophy, style, etc), so of course I had to create a twist to this gorgeous color!


All I did was add some pretty essence nail stickers + pink rhinestone gems.
I actually kind of like it! :D

Here's just the NOTD without all the fancy schmancy stuff:

I told you this color's amazing! Now I need to go find the rest of the Romantique Collection!

PS: I know I'm really slow on the update about NYAF, but I'm just way too busy (+ I'm getting a little lazy) I will really tr to post up the pictures soon though. :)


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